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Why Join UNA?

Build Your Capacity. Grow Your Network. Advance Your Mission.

We empower you to create a better world. 

Whether you're a nonprofit organization, government agency, business, or individual with a passion for social impact, becoming a UNA member opens doors to a world of opportunities and amplifies the impact you have in your community.

Join as a nonprofit member, a business affiliate member, or as an individual and find a welcoming community and a wealth of benefitsincluding cost-saving programs and discounts, free learning resources, capacity-building training, engagement opportunities, and so much more. And as an added benefit, joining as a nonprofit member or business affiliate means that everyone on your team becomes a member of UNA and can access membership benefits.

Become a Member

For Nonprofits, Government Agencies, and Funders

Unlock resources tailored to fuel your organization's success. Find expert-led training sessions, ready-made toolkits and templates, group health insurance, retirement plans, and everything you need to maximize your impact—including the state's most important nonprofit job board! You'll come for the technical resources, but you'll stay for the networking, collaboration, and community.

For Businesses

Becoming a Champion, Advocate, or Supporter Business Affiliate Member opens the door to mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofits in Utah. These dedicated organizations turn to UNA's Business Affiliate Members for expert guidance and high quality products and services. Joining UNA shows nonprofits that you care about their work, understand their unique needs, and share their vision for a better world. You'll gain access to unique opportunities to engage with nonprofits, showcase your corporate social responsibility initiatives, and build meaningful relationships with organizations making a difference.

For Individuals

Join a dynamic community of changemakers and lifelong learners committed to making a difference. You'll gain access to exclusive training sessions, resources, and events designed to support your personal and professional growth. UNA is your pathway to networking, skill-building, and inspiration.

About UNA

The Utah Nonprofits Association works to unify, elevate, and strengthen Utah's nonprofits. Our work includes advocating for these critical organizations and equipping them with the information, training, resources, and benefits that they need to advance their missions.

We are a 501c(3) nonprofit charity with a diverse revenue model, an engaged and active board of directors, and a deep commitment to building a extraordinary network of nonprofits. As a member of the National Council of Nonprofits, we also track and report on national trends that impact our local communities.

Utah's nonprofit community is comprised of more than 10,000 nonprofits that employ over 124K people, earn more than $19 billion in revenue each year, and have assets of $38 billion.

Our mission to unify, strengthen, and elevate Utah's nonprofits serves our vision of strong and vibrant communities for all of Utah.

Membership FAQs