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About UNA

About Us

Who We Are

UNA is about building happy, healthy, resilient communities—communities that provide shelter, solace, joy, inspiration, nourishment for bodies and souls, and healing for our air, water, and land.

We accomplish this by unifying, elevating, and strengthening Utah's nonprofits. Our work includes advocating for these critical organizations and equipping them with the information, training, resources, and benefits that they need to advance their missions. We are a 501c(3) nonprofit charity with a diverse revenue model, an engaged and active board of directors, and a deep commitment to building a extraordinary nonprofits.

Utah's nonprofit community is comprised of more than 10,000 nonprofits that employ over 124K people, earn more than $19 billion in revenue each year, and have assets of $38 billion.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission, to unify, strengthen, and elevate Utah's nonprofits serves our vision of strong and vibrant communities for all of Utah.

2023 Annual Report

DEI Commitment

UNA is ever mindful that we influence the tenor and pace of ethics and values within nonprofit organizations. We recognize that our role is to provide tools, education, and awareness for a wide variety of topics, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). We know that creating DEI spaces requires UNA to move beyond our internalization of DEI-focused policies and procedures and is deeply rooted in the understanding that everything we do must be infused with DEI. Therefore, we affirm that the connection of this effort to all aspects of our work and interactions with others must be ever-present. We believe that the health and viability of nonprofits are supported and elevated by UNA’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

UNA's Shared Values and Statements

We're committed to creating purposeful and intentional spaces for nonprofits in Utah. Team UNA is committed to the following values and statements.

Inclusivity: We welcome all nonprofits by being nondiscriminatory, nonpartisan, and physically and digitally accessible.

Learning: We keep an active, open mind and demonstrate a willingness to explore new experiences and concepts; we seek first to understand and then to be understood.

Community: We build a community that values people over things and supports nonprofits, the people of Utah, and its resources.

Integrity: We are accountable and strive to be truthful and transparent as we respectfully serve our community.

Humility: We recognize and celebrate the wealth of knowledge in our communities and seek solutions that work for everyone while understanding our limited capacity and the importance of reflection.

Standards of Ethics

We believe strongly that all organizations should follow and adopt strong Standards of Ethics. This allows organizations to operate from a space of integrity, excellence, accountability, and respect. As a result, we created a set of standards for nonprofits called the Standards of Ethics, which is available through membership.

Our Governing Documents

We publish our IRS Form 990 annually for review and make available the following documents to demonstrate our organization’s commitment to public accountability.