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Nonprofit Standards of Ethics

About the Standards of Ethics for Utah’s Nonprofits

As nonprofits, we rely on the public trust to do our work. This is why it is essential to earn trust by committing to ethical principles, transparency, and accountability. We have good intentions of maintaining integrity and ethical practices; however, intentions don’t always meet reality. Without policies and procedures in place to uphold ethical behavior, decisions made for the organization may not always align with those good intentions. Together, policies and procedures can provide a roadmap for decisions made at all levels of the organization, promoting a fair, predictable, and consistent framework to guide the management of the nonprofit.

UNA’s Standards of Ethics tool encompasses ethical practices, identifies areas of success, and focuses on areas in need of attention. This tool is not meant to be a pass or fail, instead it is meant to be a resource to help Leadership and the Board of Directors explore the extent to which policies, procedures, and practices align. We worry less about how you have marked each item and instead focus on the resources we can provide to assist your nonprofit in maintaining ethical practices aligned with legal requirements.

Standard of Ethics

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