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Compensation and Benefits Report

Survey Data to Guide Your Hiring and Compensation Structure

UNA's Compensation and Benefits Report, produced biennially with data from Utah nonprofits, serves as a crucial resource for comprehensive insights into current market trends for nonprofit jobs in Utah. This report provides you with valuable information on compensation packages and benefits for a wide range of job positions typically found in a nonprofit organization. 

This detailed data helps you make informed decisions about your organization's workforce in order to better attract top talent, retain key staff, and ensure fair and competitive compensation for all employees.

Review the Findings

2024 Compensation and Benefits Report - COMING SOON!

The 2024 Compensation and Benefits survey is coming soon! We are hard at work to ensure we provide the best survey experience and post-survey data analysis to guide your hiring and compensation efforts. Stay tuned for more information! Approximate timeline for the survey launch is late spring 2024.

2022 Compensation and Benefits Report

If you need access to the most recent nonprofit compensation data report, the 2022 report is still available for purchase and download. Nonprofit members who participated in the survey receive the report for free. Please check the email of the person who submitted the survey for your exclusive discount code. If you need assistance please contact us.

2022 Report Pricing

  • Members that completed the survey: Free!
  • UNA Nonprofit members: $80
  • Not-Yet-Nonprofit Members: $160
  • Business Members: $500
  • Not-Yet-Business Members: $1,000

2022 Report Highlights

The report provides data by region and organization size (measured by number of full time employees and operating budget).

  • Results from 144 organizations employing 2,937 individuals
  • Compensation data for 70 job titles
  • Over 250 data subsets on employee benefits and more