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UNA Public Policy

UNA Public Policy Advances Nonprofits

UNA's public policy efforts center on protecting the rights and benefits of Utah’s over 11, 000 nonprofits and supporting and amplifying their advocacy efforts. We believe that our missions are interconnected and that nonprofits can and should unite to advocate for legislation that supports our communities.


UNA's Public Policy Goals

  1. Promote a strong nonprofit sector
  2. Expand public awareness of issues that affect nonprofit organizations in Utah
  3. Increase financial support from the public and private sectors
  4. Ensure public policies are inclusive and equitable for all nonprofits
  5. Build relationships and enhance communication with UNA members, elected officials, and the public
A group of individuals sitting on folding chairs in a rotunda area at the Utah State Capitol during Nonprofit Day on the Hill.

Our Policy Work: Preserving Public Trust in our Sector

UNA advocates on public policy issues that affect Utah's nonprofit sector. We work with the the Utah Legislature, our state's federally elected officials, as well as state and federal agencies to develop laws and policies that

  • Save nonprofits time and money
  • Help nonprofits operate more effectively, and
  • Preserve the public’s trust in Utah’s nonprofit sector.

We mobilize nonprofits of all missions and budgets to join our advocacy efforts.

The UNA Annual Awards stage with people sitting at table in an auditorium setting.

UNA Supports Your Advocacy

Supporting your advocacy and public engagement efforts is an essential part of our mission.  We can amplify your causes and calls to action on The UNA Advocacy Bulletin Board or request our endorsement of your positions.

Request UNA Endorsement: We consider all member requests for supporting or opposing state or federal legislation.

Learn more and submit your request for UNA support here.

Nonprofit Advocacy Bulliten Board: Share your legislative priorities and calls to action with the community of nonprofits and provide your support to the calls from our sector.

Post your concerns, issues, and calls to action here.

Support the community of nonprofits here.

UNA Legislative and Issue Watchlist

UNA takes the following positions on bills:

  • Monitor: The bill/issue is of interest to UNA members, but UNA does not have a specific position on the bill.
  • Oppose: UNA is opposed to the bill as currently written.
  • Support: UNA supports passage of the Bill.

UNA's Board of Directors approved the following positions on these bills and issues:



UNA Position

UT 2024 General Session:


Equal Opportunity Initiatives
Prohibits institutes of higher education from requiring in any form a prohibited submission (a requirement of a person to profess their views, effort or experience regarding any policy, program or initiative that promotes differential treatment based on an individual's personal identity characteristics) that will factor into decisions surrounding employment, admission or graduation, participation in an institution-sponsored program, or qualification for or receipt of state financial aid. Exemptions include institutions subject to federal law.
Status: Passed and signed by Governor


Open Letter

Open letter to Utah State Legislature
Letter urging the Utah State Legislature to champion increased investment in our state’s childcare system. Childcare is a critical element of our workforce-infrastructure as well as an investment in our future. Insufficient access to affordable childcare not only hinders the productivity and well-being of working parents but also creates major challenges for children throughout their development. For more information or to learn how to add your organization's name to this letter, please email Utah Nonprofits Association.

Signed letter