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Group Health Insurance

A New Partnership Provides UNA Members With Nonstop Health

Our goal at UNA is to help you improve health care for your employees and their families through a more empowering and affordable health care experience.

Our Group Health Insurance plan, administered through Beehive Insurance, provides quality benefits at reduced prices.

Nonprofit members with a minimum of two paid staff can join with others to purchase coverage as a larger group, reducing costs. The UNA health plan offers:

  • A large network of hospitals and providers
  • Several plan options to fit your employees’ needs
  • Digital tools for a frictionless health care experience
  • Telehealth for safe, convenient treatment
  • Integrated health management options
  • Programs to cut excessive costs
  • Pharmacy care tailored to your employees
  • Dental and vision plans

Contact Beehive Insurance today to request a no obligation quote or call them at (800) 323-6303.

UNA also works with Team Nash and our Group Health Insurance Plan.