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Retirement Plan

UNA Pooled Employer Retirement Plan

Gone are the days of nonprofit organizations not having the size, resources, and technical ability to offer a retirement plan. The Pooled Employer Plan has opened the door to offer a retirement plan for their valued employees.

Elevate401(k) is honored to act as the Pooled Plan Provider for the Utah Nonprofits Association Pooled Employer Plan (PEP). The Utah Nonprofits Association PEP brings together some of Utah’s most experienced retirement plan service providers to create an extraordinary approach to help UNA members advance their efforts in preparing employees for retirement.

Whether your organization is looking to start a plan, or are currently sponsoring a plan on your own, discover the possible game changing benefits of participating in the UNA PEP:

  • Leave the resource burden, fiduciary tasks, and responsibility titles to the Pooled Plan Provider. Offer a plan without being a Plan Sponsor and taking on the long list of responsibilities that have in the past made offering a plan very difficult for nonprofit organizations.
  • Recruit and retain high valued employees. Offer a plan to compete with “for-profit” companies who do.
  • Simple, transparent, and straightforward fee schedule.
  • Employee and organization level education. Servicing Advisor Team provides educational meetings, on-demand resources, and are available to answer calls from participants and organization leaders.
  • Access to institutional, low expense fund classes typically only offered to plans with established high asset levels.
  • Professional 3(16) Compliance Fiduciary prepares, executes, and submits the required annual form 5500 on behalf of the entire PEP.
  • Professional 3(38) Investment Fiduciary selects and monitors investments on behalf of the entire PEP.
  • Organizations currently sponsoring a plan with over 100 employees can eliminate the expense of their annual plan audit. One plan audit on behalf of the entire PEP.