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New and Renewed Friendships: September 2023


new and renewed UNA friendshipsActive Re-Entry

Active Re-Entry is a community-based program that assists individuals with disabilities to achieve or maintain a self-sufficient, productive life and live independently within their own communities. We are committed to promoting the rights, dignity, and quality of life of all persons with disabilities. We offer many services and resources or can help guide you to other service providers.

Camp Hobe' Inc

Camp Hobé offers psychosocial support programs for children being treated for cancer and similarly-treated disorders & their families, serving Utah and the surrounding Intermountain area. Through summer camp programs and family outings, we provide a place for everyone to be “kids,” heal, and have fun.

Children First Education Fund

Children First Education Fund (CFEF) began in 2020 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scholarship granting organization (SGO) with the mission to provide school choice for students with disabilities. The organization was founded by Doug Holmes, Jordan Clements, and Kim Coleman, who all have extensive background in education choice and advocacy. CFEF’s efforts are guided by the Utah Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program, which is defined by Utah Code 53-7-401. With this legislation, Utah joins 21 other states across the country with similar programs offering school choice options for families. CFEF is the first and only state designated SGO in Utah.

Children's Media Workshop

The nonprofit 501(c)3 Children’s Media Workshop was founded in 1983 by Director John Schaefer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Organizational highlights include creating the largest teacher training network in US history (800,000 educators), the Visual Learning Program, using instant photography to teach literacies across the curriculum.

Friends of the Weber/Morgan County Children's Justice Center

The center was originally established to serve children 17 years of age or younger who are victims of alleged sexual or physical abuse. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for services for other crimes involving children, such as domestic violence, drug endangerment, and internet exploitation.

Hot House West

Hot House West is a spirited non-profit ensemble revolutionizing the music scene by blending electrifying performances with a profound commitment to social impact. Offering a stage for underrepresented and emerging talents, they cultivate musical opportunities through performance, workshops, and collaborative initiatives. Engaging deeply with the local community and dance scene, they break down barriers to ensure music is universally accessible. At Hot House West, they're not just lighting up the stage with fun performances; they're sparking a transformative movement in the world of music.


We promote, educate, and advocate for ethical independent automobile dealers and their consumers.

Junior Achievement Of Utah

The Mission of Junior Achievement is to Inspire and Prepare Young People to Succeed in a Global Economy.

Lois Marie Foundation

Midwives all over the world provide compassionate care for other women in need. Often, they must leave their own families, working for long hours, in poor conditions, for low pay. We support midwifery education, improved working conditions, and fair payment for their work.

Mountain West Ballet

Mountain West Ballet is a community based, non-profit organization that preserves, advances and shares the beauty of ballet by providing performing opportunities for aspiring dancers in a professional, nurturing atmosphere, and by offering the community an affordable, quality production for entertainment and educational purposes.

NeighborWorks Mountain Country Home Solutions

We are a non-profit solution provider purposed to help our clients become homeowners. We provide counseling that helps each person make the very best decisions whether they are preparing to own, preventing foreclosure, or deciding if a reverse mortgage is their best option. As a provider of workforce housing, we help communities solve housing issues with experience, strategic partners, ongoing collaboration, and tools that make a difference.

Otters and Others Zoo and Conservation

Our mission at Otters and Others Zoo and Conservation is to share our passions and educate the world. We strive to preserve and conserve the animals on this planet. Without them and our continued education, our ecosystems would cease to exist.

Preservation Utah

Our Mission: Keep the past alive, not only for preservation, but to inspire and provoke a more creative present and sustainable future.

Project Hope 4 Kids

We are dedicated to welcoming our newly arrived refugee and immigrant families by focusing on connections and community.

Rise Institute for Literacy

The RISE Institute for Literacy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizationwhose mission is building paths to sustainable literacy improvement.

Root for Kids

Root for Kids (previously known as The Learning Center for Families) is a non-profit organization located in Southern Utah that provides services for children and families in need of extra support. We help families create a nurturing environment for optimal growth and development for each child.

Salt Lake Anime Events

Our mission: Educating our community in ethnic and fandom culture through art and interactive learning

Scenic Utah

SCENIC UTAH is a state-wide grassroots organization working to protect and enhance the scenic qualities of our communities, countryside, and roadways. We partner with geographically diverse groups who share the common goal of safeguarding the extraordinary visual character of the Beehive State, and promote policies that encourage community engagement, protect and enhance scenic beauty, and limit visual pollution.

The Family Support Center of Washington County

The mission of the FSCU is to strengthen Utah families one community at a time by supporting parents, protecting children, and preserving families. To accomplish this mission, each Family Support Center provides its clients with a 24-hour crisis & respite nursery, a 24-hour information and referral service, and a parenting and youth education program. Based on the needs of the particular community it serves, each agency likewise offers additional services, ranging from on-site therapists, lending libraries, and in-home parenting support.

Tiny Tim's Foundation for Kids

We take wood that would be wasted, Someone's time that would be wasted and make a toy so that a little person's mind won't be wasted. Every child deserves a toy and every person needs a purpose. Together we engage each other in love and charity to serve and make toy cars for someone who needs a smile. We all need each other. As a nonprofit we are committed to making a difference.

Trails Utah

Trails Utah is dedicated to trails advocacy, planning, funding, and construction in needed areas throughout the state.

United Service Organizations, Inc.

The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.

United Way of Northern Utah

We work to create meaningful, lasting change for every individual in Northern Utah through these initiatives and programs. We strive to create communities where everyone has the resources, opportunities, and support they need to thrive

Unsheltered Utah

Unsheltered Utah is a non-profit organization focused on meeting the immediate needs of the unsheltered residents of Utah, coordinating with existing social services, while working toward creating employment and permanent housing solutions.

Utah Congress of Parents & Teachers, Inc.

Utah PTA is a non-profit grassroots child advocacy association made up of parents, teachers, and students. Utah PTA is an affiliate of National PTA and is organized in Utah at local, council, and state levels. Join the largest child advocacy association today, become a member of PTA today!

Utah Crisis Food Response

We began in March, 2020 with just three college students. At that time, we created a small volunteer network to deliver food and prescription medications to elderly, quarantined, and confined people. Our goal was not to create a non-profit. We simply wanted to help at-risk individuals during the COVID pandemic. However, this volunteer network grew quickly. We saw firsthand the tremendous need for food assistance. This motivated us to build something permanent. With proper guidance, we shifted our efforts to become a mobile food pantry. We began partnering with food pantries to provide home delivery for those who struggle to pick up for themselves. This is our current focus. We are now a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our volunteers deliver nearly 4,000 meals per week to clients in Utah and Salt Lake County. We plan on being around for the long haul. We want to make sure that no individual, family, or community goes unfed.

Utah Diaper Bank

At the Utah Diaper Bank, our purpose is to raise awareness of diaper needs in Utah, create diaper distribution networks and partnerships, and provide diapers to community service partners and families in need throughout the state.

Utah Health and Human Rights

Utah Health and Human Rights is a direct service and advocacy agency that promotes the health, dignity, and self-sufficiency of refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, and asylees who have endured torture and severe war trauma.

W.A.B. Warming Center

Our community recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of every human being by ensuring that no one spends a single night unsheltered and alone during winter months in Cache Valley. The W.A.B. Warming Center will serve both individuals and families. Parents with children will be asked to sign an agreement stating that their children will remain with them at all times during their stay. Volunteers and staff will provide friendly, active, supervision at all times when the center is in operation. Services: Temporary overnight refuge from freezing temperatures. Access to water, snacks, warm weather clothing, and information about community programs and resources.