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UNA slack signupWe're excited to introduce our new UNA Slack Community, a place for members of the nonprofit community to connect, collaborate, and strengthen the sector. There are channels to engage with nonprofit peers in your area of work, share relevant information, and brainstorm solutions. Whether you want to discuss volunteer management, marketing, or engage with other Executive Directors across the state, we have a channel for you!

UNA is about building a true community of nonprofits that serve the peoples, lands, and causes of Utah. Communication is essential for linking community members together to achieve our common purpose of making our world better. That’s why we’ve created Slack Channels for nonprofit professionals across the state. Join channels devoted to essential job functions, like operations, executive leadership, marketing, volunteer management, and more. You can also just introduce yourself on the general channel and get to know your nonprofit peers across the state.


  1. Review the UNA Slack Community Code of Conduct.
  2. Complete the Slack Sign-Up Form
  3. Once you receive a confirmation email, visit to confirm your account details and start Slacking your community!