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Post Your Volunteer Opportunity

Share Your Volunteer Opportunity!

The UNA Community Volunteer Opportunities Board is dedicated to connecting volunteers with meaningful service opportunities at nonprofit organizations throughout Utah.

Posting events to Community Volunteer Opportunities is limited to current UNA Members. Not a member? We’d be delighted to welcome you to UNA.

Looking for the nonprofit Job Board? Visit the UNA Job Board.

Need a User Login?

UNA changed websites in March 2024. User logins from our previous website will NOT work with our new system.

Please follow the instructions on the Member Login Information Page linked below to create your new user account.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Posting Your Volunteer Opportunity

Follow the instructions below to create and post your Community Volunteer Opportunity.

  1. Log in to the UNA Member Info Hub (if you don't have a new login yet, use the link on this page to create one first).
  2. Once in the Member Info Hub, click the "Community Volunteer Opportunities" link on the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Click "Add" in the top right corner.

Enter your volunteer opportunity details in the fields as the appear on the form. Required fields are highlighted with a red stripe, other fields are optional. Below is an explanation of what to include for each field.

Title: Enter the volunteer opportunity title.

Description: Enter all important details and information relating to the opportunity. Be sure to include any external hyperlinks in this section including information on how someone should apply or contact you about this opportunity.

Search Description: This is a short description that will show with your listing on the main Volunteer Opportunities results page. It is NOT for search terms.

Categories: Please select as many categories as appropriate for your listing. This describe what type of volunteer opportunity you are posting.

Organization Mission: Please list your organization's mission.

Opportunity Location: Enter the counties where this opportunity is available.

Volunteer Skills Desired: Select as many as necessary.

Organization Cause Area: Please select the most appropriate category for your organization mission area.

Volunteer Opportunity Times of Day Available: Select what times of the day you need volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunity Days of the Week Available: Select what days of the week you need volunteers.

Search Results Image: Please upload your organization logo here. Keep under 3MB.

Other Images: You may upload supporting images here if desired. Please keep file sizes to a minimum.

You are done! Click submit!

If you need to edit your job posting after it is published, view the UNA Community Volunteer Opportunities board in the Member Info Hub, find your post, and click edit.